Statement regarding jerseys in New Westminster/Langley game

by Gary Ahuja

In last night’s WLA game between the New Westminster Salmonbellies and Langley Thunder, the appropriate actions took place regarding jerseys. The Langley Thunder, and Governor Ken Buchan, expected the jerseys that were to be worn for Tessa Beauchamp Foundation Night to be black with purple trim, however, upon the jerseys arriving late Wednesday, discovered that they were instead white with purple trim. After consulting with WLA Commissioner, Paul Dal Monte, Ken Buchan agreed, and decided that Langley would wear the commemorative jersey for the warm-up, and their regular home black uniform during the game to avoid the obvious challenges of having both teams compete in predominantly white jerseys.

A prior request had not been made to the Salmonbellies to wear their red jerseys, so the team did not bring their home jerseys. The Salmonbellies have a great history of fundraising for local charities and working with all league partners on specialty nights like the one in Langley last night.

The WLA congratulates the Langley Thunder on a successful night as they raised more than $2,800 for the Tessa Beauchamp Foundation and recognizes the cooperation of both the Thunder and New Westminster Salmonbellies in dealing with the unforeseen circumstances of last night.